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Let us pick your 2023 fragrance

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

It’s a new year so why not try a gorgeous new fragrance. Take our fun new year quiz to find the fragrance that is right for you in 2023.

Pick the image you like best.

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Miller et Bertaux Eau de Parfum #3 (green, green, green, and green)

You are drawn to the natural world and the great outdoors. Wander the forest from your home this winter with the Miller et Bertaux Eau de Parfum #3 (green, green, green, and green). This luxury fragrance is green and fresh with a subtle warmth. Enjoy notes of bay-tree and verbena, combined with coriander juices from the mastic tree. Add in a sprinkle of white jasmine, cedar, and vetiver for a transformative perfume.


J'Entends la Mer Eau de Toilette

Escape to the seaside with the J'Entends la Mer eau de toilette. Listen to the sea with this precious and delicate fragrance from Amelie et Melanie. Imbued with notes of water fruits and flowers, this beautiful scent is housed in a lovely starfish embossed gauze sachet, and perfect for everyday wear.


Pluie de Soleil eau de toilette

This ode to summer from Phaedon Paris is perfect to embrace your fun and playful side. The Pluie de Soleil eau de toilette is a fruity explosion that opens with a fresh burst of lemon and bergamot. Add in white peach, strawberry and pineapple, with a drop of sandalwood and vanilla, for an elegant and vibrant fragrance that you will love.


Miller et Bertaux Aymara eau de parfum

You love adventure and you are always working towards new goals. Reach new heights with the Miller et Bertaux Aymara eau de parfum. Take a trip to the Bolivian highlands and experience this woody and spicy scent. It uses the purifying incense of Palo Santo with cardamom, meadow cumin, and citron. Gorgeous, spiritual, and evocative.


Lothantique White Tea eau de toilette

Nothing says ‘cozy’ like a warm candle, a new book, and a hot cup of tea. Settle in for a relaxing evening with the Lothantique white tea eau de toilette. Our white tea fragrance is one of our most popular for good reasons. It is fresh, floral, and completely unique—modern and classic all at once.


Muriel Ughetto Amethyst room spray

Who doesn’t love a powerful gem? Brilliant, beautiful, and bright. The Muriel Ughetto collection is inspired by the fascinating world of semi-precious stones. This amethyst room spray has notes of citrus and floral for a scintillating and refreshing fragrance that you won’t forget.


Phaedon Paris Baptême Ambré eau de parfum

If you could spend hours wandering around a museum and exploring artifacts, then you will love this rich fragrance by Phaedon Paris. Phaedon Paris is inspired by ancient cultures, Parisian aesthetics, and travel, which can be found perfectly captured in the Baptême Ambré eau de parfum. Recomposed by perfumer Pierre Guillaume, this lascivious cocktail of spices was made famous by the Courtisane in Paris, Madame du Barry, who became the favorite of King Louis XV.


Lothantique Linen eau de toilette

You enjoy beauty and simplicity. So you can’t go wrong with a modern and fresh fragrance that captures the timeless spirit of France like the Lothantique linen eau de toilette. This bestselling fragrance is clean, crisp, and sophisticated.


Coton Égyptien eau de toilette

Looking to explore a piece of Egypt? The Coton Égyptien eau de toilette by Phaedon Paris embraces the past and present. This stunning fragrance evokes the soft touch of white cotton fabric. It is refreshing and enhanced with floral aspects of cotton flower, a cedarwood base, and white musks.

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