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Enhance your bedtime routine

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Feeling exhausted? We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping (or trying to sleep). So we are sharing some of our go-to tips for how to improve your bedtime routine and get a more restful night’s sleep.

Give yourself time to unwind

Working late? Do you have an important meeting coming up that you can’t stop going over in your head? Replaying that embarrassing interaction that you had in the school parking lot? Even if we are exhausted and can’t wait for bed, these thoughts are often still running through our minds and can keep us from being able to fall sleep. In fact, repetitive thoughts or ruminating can impair your ability to think and process emotions. So what can we do?

One of the best strategies is simply to give yourself some space. Distract yourself. Watch an episode of that new television series you have been hearing so much about. Read a chapter of a new book. Take a bath with some gorgeous Lothantique bath salts to ease your aching muscles and listen to a podcast or a soothing playlist. If you can, go take a walk around the block early in the evening. Clear your head.

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Self-care may seem like a buzzword, but it is also incredibly essential. Paying attention to your body can also be a helpful tool to bring a sense of peace to your mind. Take the time to treat yourself with a nourishing night cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba and rose oil. Dead Sea Land’s unique formula oxygen supply to skin cell to help soften and smooth skin. Go to feeling great in your skin and reset your mindset.

Create a calming environment

Your space can have a huge impact on your ability to relax. However, instead of a total bedroom design overhaul, there are so many little things you can do to help create a more calming environment to rest in.

First, keep your space tidy. A clean space won’t overwhelm your senses and it is less stressful to be in. Decluttering can also be a great way to refocus. Toss your rings into a gorgeous marble dish and arrange your dresser to feel organized as opposed to chaotic.

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(Refresh your space with a luxury fragrance)

Your space should also smell fresh. Be sure to light your favorite candle or place a fragrance diffuser on a nearby shelf. Our memories are tied closely to scents so picking a candle that reminds you of walking through the forest or your most recent vacation can make all the difference. A calming fragrance may help put you in the right state of mind to drift off to sleep.

Don’t forget that a fresh pillowcase is also important. If don’t have time to throw your pillowcase in the wash, use a pillow mist instead. A pillow mist will quickly freshen your beddings and linen for a more relaxing sleep. Fragrances like lavender may also help to increase deep sleep and reduce your likelihood of waking throughout the night. Most importantly, a consistent scent that you associate with bed can trigger a routine response in your body to fall asleep.

Create a routine you enjoy (and stick to it)

Creating a routine is one thing, but sticking with it can be difficult. Our lives are often shaken up by new work deadlines, parties, or relationships. However, one late night or skipped facial cleanse doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel altogether.

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One of the best ways to stick to your bedtime routine is to make it enjoyable. We love to indulge. Don’t just slap on some hand cream. Buy something that you really love and look forward to using like our bestselling Lothantique hand creams. Made with twenty-percent shea butter, our conveniently sized hand creams are luxurious, silky, and gentle on dry skin (plus, they look great on your nightstand).

Another tip? If you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed, leave your bedroom, and do something else to relax. Turn on some music. Avoid your phone. Give your room a quick spritz with a room spray to transform and shake up your mind frame. Go back to bed when you feel tired again.

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