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Travel around the world with a scent

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Take a trip around the globe with a new fragrance. From France to India, Italy to Syria, let a scent transport you to another time or place. Capture memories and explore new destinations with a timeless fragrance or beauty product.

Travel to Provence…

Belle de Provence Olive & Fig Diffuser - Pexel Image

The picturesque scenery and landscapes of Provence have inspired a range of artists from Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso. Grab a glass of rose, close your eyes and imagine those beautiful rolling hills with the Belle de Provence Olive & Fig fragrance diffuser. This infusion of olive leaf extract with herbal fragrances from the region pays tribute to the sacred symbol of Provence⁠⁠—the olive tree. Bring yourself closer to nature with the uniquely sweet and green fig fragrance.

Travel to the Mediterranean Sea…

Lothantique marine liquis soap - Pexel image

The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are famed around the world. It is made up of several seas, borders 22 countries, and there is over 3,000 islands within it. But no matter where you are, there is nothing that beats the Mediterranean air breeze. Indulge in the freshness of sea spray with this Lothantique marine liquid soap. Fresh and floral, this French-made, Marseille-style soap is vegetable-based, and sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben-free!

Travel to Italy…

Laboratorio Olfattivo Room Spray Melomirtillo - Pexel Image

Pomegranate seeds represent prosperity, abundance, and generosity. The fruit was brought to Sicily by the Phoenicians and Greeks for food and religious reasons. Experience the exotic and charming explosion of fruit with the Laboratorio Olfattivo Melomirtillo room spray. Made in Italy and inspired by a passion for the world of perfumery, simplicity and quality come together in this pomegranate, passion fruit, cranberry, and violet sugar scent.

Travel to the Dead Sea…

Dead Sea Land Salt Crystals

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world. It also the lowest point on earth and a great resource for minerals that can benefit your skin. Take a piece of this natural wonder home with you with the Dead Sea Land salt crystals. These natural concentrated bath salts contain the benefits of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and many more. These bath salts stimulate the regeneration of the skin, soften skin, and promote relaxation.

Travel to India…

Miller et Bertaux Eau de Parfum Indian Study - Pexel Image

Whether you are looking to explore iconic monuments, treat your tastebuds or enjoy the beautiful landscapesIndia does not disappoint. Capture the spirit of the land of spices in the Miller et Bertaux Indian Study eau de parfum. Miller et Bertaux captures wanderlust with each alluring fragrance. This uncompromising fragrance has notes of sandalwood, Mysore et Amyris, cumin curry, varnished wood, and sensual musk. 

Travel to Syria…

Tadé Mediterraneé Argan Bar Soap - Pexel Image

Syria is a land rich with history. Soap from Aleppo dates back to the 8th century CE. It is a hard soap made from olive oil and lye with the traditional bay laurel oil. Don’t miss out on this natural and versatile Tadé Mediterraneé Argan soap d’Alep. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this cauldron-cooked hammam soap respects the balance of all skin types and gently cleanses. It is great for sensitive skin and delicately scented.

What is your next travel destination?

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