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Our Staff Picks for Mother’s Day

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Looking for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? This is what we’re gifting our moms and the mother figures in our lives this year. Check out our fave luxury staff picks for mom!

What Amy is gifting…

Lothantique Grapefruit Liquid Soap

Share what you love! Amy’s loves our Lothantique grapefruit liquid soap so much that it has become her go-to gift for any occasion. And she isn’t alone! This bestselling vegetable-based Marseille-style liquid soap is modern, vibrant, and perfect for every day. Made in France, this versatile soap is sodium lauryl sulphate-free and paraben-free to gently cleanse her hands.

What Tiffany is gifting…

Que de l'Amour room spray

Tiffany is so excited to gift her mom the Que de l'Amour room spray by Amelie et Melanie. This fan favorite fragrance is a delicate and romantic scent with notes of white musk and patchouli. Your mom will also love settling in for the evening with a glass of wine and a good book with this long-lasting and transformative scent.

What Samantha is gifting…

Tadé Mediterranée Argan Skin Care Oil

Samantha’s gifting favorite is the Tadé Mediterranée argan skin care oil. This organic, plant-based skincare oil has a 99.8% natural composition. Made with sunflower oil, coconut oil, and argan oil, this triple-threat combo is ideal to keep skin hydrated and looking radiant. Great for dry skin, your mom will love the satin feel and comfort from this COSMO certified oil.

What Carolyn is gifting…

Citrus garden fragrance diffuser

Carolyn’s mom loves fresh and floral fragrances in the home, which is why the Christian Tortu citrus garden fragrance diffuser is the perfect gift. Take her on a trip to the southern hill of France with notes of citrus, cedar, verbena, and orange blossom. This beautiful fragrance diffuser is a must-have for moms.

What Karen is gifting…

Grapefruit foam bath

What is the best gift for Mother’s Day? Time to unwind. Let her soak up some quality alone time with our lush grapefruit foam bath. Karen loves this vegetable-based and paraben-free foam bath. Create a luxurious bathing experience for your mom to relax with this bestselling and vibrant fragrance.

What Gil is gifting…

Miller et Bertaux In the 80s Fragrance Diffuser

Gil is gifting a touch of nostalgia to the women in his life this year with the new Miller et Bertaux In the 80s fragrance diffuser. Help her recall fond memories of Soho or Le Marais and evoke the energy of chic luxury with notes of tuberose, white and pink iris.

Looking for more great Mother’s Day gift ideas? Explore our gift guide or connect with us on social for more gift inspiration.

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