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Create your own DIY spa

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

The 2020s are proving to be trying times. Make some time to relax and create your own DIY spa at home. Mix luxury and comfort with some of our favorite products for your own tranquil experience with these simple steps.

Our ability to manage stress is so important. Our bodies require balance, and long-term stress can have negative consequences such as physical fatigue, reduced immune functions and can even affect your memory. 

So what can you do? Self care may sound gimmicky at times, but it really is essential. Relax. Breathe. Bonus points if you can go for a few hours without your eyes glued to your phone.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Creative and physical activity like painting or yoga can help improve your sense of well-being. But for us, there is nothing we love more than a deep cleanse followed by a good book with a glass of wine.

Simply follow along with our DIY guide to pick quality products and create the perfect atmosphere to unwind.

Create your own DIY spa
(Create your own DIY spa at home)

Step One: Set the Mood

Ambience is key. With all the time we’ve all been spending at home, take the time to make your space feel different and special. 

Set up your diffuser and choose a fragrance to inspire you. Looking to connect with nature? Try the Belle de Provence Olive & Verbena diffuser for a fresh and uplifting scent. Dreaming of your next vacation? Go float above the clouds with Miller et Bertaux In the Mountains. Or relax with a crisp and soothing marine diffuser.

Help set the mood with a fragrance diffuser

(Help set the mood with a fragrance diffuser)

Be sure to tuck away any clutter in your bathroom. Use your Tadé recycled tire carrier to organize your odds and ends so your space feels tidy. Then hang up your favorite robe so you are ready to go.

Finally, find a fitting music playlist to set you in the right state of mind. Play your favorite tunes or try searching for a binaural beats track, which has been linked to reduced anxiety and relaxation in recent studies.

Step Two: Cleanse & Exfoliate

It’s time for a deep cleanse. Not unlike a hammam, allow yourself to the enjoy the rituals and stages of bathing. Begin with the Dead Sea Land mineral mud and aloe vera. Made with mud from the Dead Sea itself, it will provide a deep cleanse and remove impurities. Spread generously over your entire body to stimulate and rejuvenate your cells.

Next, hop in the shower and wash off the mud. Then use your sisal belt weave to buff your skin as it helps increase blood circulation, and easily scrub hard to reach places like your back. You can also make use of a pumice stone or sistal sponge on rougher areas like your feet by working in circular motions. Exfoliation is important to stimulate your collagen and keep your skin looking fresh.

Exfoliate with a sistal belt

(Exfoliate with a sistal belt)

Once, you’ve exfoliated you can lather up. Use a bar of traditional French hard-milled soap, a product with techniques that date back over 600 years, to clean your skin. Wash away any sweat, oils, and negative energy from the day before stepping out of the shower.

Step Three: Massage & Bathe

Picturing yourself stepping into another chamber, and as you towel off start running yourself a hot bath. Add some of our luxurious foam bath in tuberose for the perfect bathing experience. Now that you’re cleansed, allow yourself to focus on just relaxing. If you’d like, pull out your marble massage stone as you wait for your tub to fill. Work slowly to help reduce any swelling and increase circulation.

Relax in a foam bath - Pexel Image

(Relax in a foam bath - Pexel Image)

Sink into your bath, close your eyes, and focus on the calming music. Take your time and allow the hot water to get your blood moving, helping to soothe sore or tight muscles after a long day.

Step Four: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Step out of your bath into your favourite robe. It’s time for our most important step – moisturizing. It is crucial to help reduce dryness and oil build up. 

Make use of quality, sustainable French product and lather yourself in a hand and body lotion that is vegetable-based and paraben-free. Don’t be afraid to over do it either - Lothantique creams have a light texture that quickly absorbs to leave the skin feeling great. For extra dry or tough areas like your feet and elbows, try a body butter. Depending on the time of your DIY spa, choose from the Dead Sea Land day or night moisturizing cream to help smooth and soften your face. For some extra care, try their smoothing eye and neck cream for an advanced anti-wrinkle formula to help reduce signs of aging.

Step Five: Lounge with a Book (and a glass of wine)

We’ve attended to your body, and now it’s time to attend to your mind. Allow yourself to get lost in a good book or a movie for a few hours without paying any mind to your phone, work, or to-do list. 

Unwind with a good book and glass of wine - Pexel Image
(Unwind with a good book and glass of wine - Pexel Image)

We are loving Reese’s Book Club pick Lucky by Canadian author, Marissa Stapley. Or transport yourself to Provence with one of Peter Mayle’s novels set in the stunning region. Pour yourself a (generous) glass of wine, and light a candle to finish off your evening, breathing in the warmth and aroma of nature itself.

When you’re all finished, give yourself a five-star review for making time to care for your body and your mind.

How was your spa de jour? Let us know your favourite way to unwind in the comments.

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