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8 Ways to Use Linen Water

Posted by Kaycee Chapman on

Linen water is a simple and eco-friendly way to quickly refresh a room or your fabrics with just a quick spray. We are breaking down 8 of our favourite ways to use linen water to make it an essential part of your daily routine.

What is linen water?

Linen water is a household staple. As the name implies, linen water is an eco-friendly and natural solution made of infused water. This fragrant water was popularized in southern France, and used as early as the 17th century to scent bed linens.

Linen water is an fragrant, infused water & a household staple item

(Linen water is an fragrant, infused water & a household staple item)

How to use linen water?

Linen water can be used in a myriad of ways to transform your life with a simple spray. Here are some of the ways we use linen water in our weekly routine:

1. Ironing your linens

Putting the ‘linen’ in linen water, ironing is the most common way to use linen water for a reason. Simply pour your linen water into a steam iron and infuse your bed linens with a light, fresh scent that can last for up to a week.  

Iron with linen water to infuse your bed linens with a lasting, fresh scent - Pexel Image

(Iron with linen water to infuse your bed linens with a lasting, fresh scent)

 2. Help your clothes last longer between laundry cycles

Laundry day can’t be every day. In fact, heating the water and running your laundry machine uses an enormous amount of energy leading to carbon dioxide emissions of 179 million metric tons per year in the United States alone. Do your part to make your clothing stretch a little longer between cycles with a spritz of linen water to breathe some life back into your favourite jeans or cardigan.  

3. Mist your pillow

Lavender is one of the most popular scents for linen water. While lavender is a symbol of southern France where linen water was popularized, it also has numerous benefits. There is evidence that lavender may help you to get a better night’s sleep. Aside from smelling great, misting your pillow with lavender linen water could help you fall into a deeper sleep and reduce awakening throughout the night.

4. Use as a room spray

With this past year and most of us being stuck at home due to COVID-19, it can be easy to let household tasks build up as our routines have completely shifted. Before your sit down with your morning coffee and prepare for your Zoom meeting, shift your mental state and give your office (or couch if you are like us…) a spray of linen water to refresh the space for the day.

5. Freshen your curtains or rug

By far, two of our least favourite items to have cleaned are our curtains and rug. While most of us wash our curtains every few months, some like Martha Stewart, suggest washing them every month. Why not compromise? Give your curtains a few sprays of linen water once a week to keep them smelling fresh while you muster the energy to take them down to wash in the coming weeks.

Keep your curtains smelling fresh with linen water - Pexel Image

(Keep your curtains smelling fresh with linen water)

6. Spruce up the towels or tablecloths hiding in the back of your drawers

Technically clean but stuffed in the back of your drawer for months without seeing the light? There’s really no need to re-wash older towels or your holiday tablecloth. Use your linen water to give them that fresh laundry scent without needlessly worrying about laundry.

7. Replace your car spray

Our cars can easily become a hot spot for lone takeout napkins, parking receipts, empty coffee cups, and strange scents. Linen water is a more cost-effective, eco-friendly, and elegant solution to a clip-on air freshener.

8. Travel with a reliable back-up plan

Headed up the cabin to get away from the city for a weekend? Or as travel restrictions are eventually rolled back, make time to get in the habit of travelling with small bottle of linen water. Not only can it help to rescue your clothes on your holiday, linen water can also transform a hotel room or vacation rental into something familiar and relaxing while you are away.

Linen water is great in a pinch for a quick, fragrant solution

(Linen water is great in a pinch for a quick, fragrant solution)

Pro-tip: Test your linen water on a small patch of fabric first.

How do you like to use your linen water? Let us know in the comments.

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